Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wood Floors

On the main floor of the house has the original wood flooring in the LR, DR, hall, and 2 BR's.
They were in bad shape but I really wanted to use them so I rented a floor sander and got to work on them.  Then I had to hand sand all the edges.  There was several pieces that had cracked and a few gouges here and there, but I think that adds charcter so I didn't try to fix that.  Now I will clean them up and get ready for the stain and finish.


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  2. You did a great job, this is best thing about hardwood floors, you don't have to change them just polish them and they will be like new.

  3. It is always necessary to keep hardwood flooring in good shape if you want it to last for a longer period, repair the damages, keep it clean and make sure moisture doesn't create problems.

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