Saturday, December 8, 2012

Play set for the Kids!

I saw a post on Craigslist of someone giving away a wooden playground.  It was a big one, ten years old, and would be a heck of a lot of work to take apart!  I thought about it for a short while but I knew this was probably the only way I would ever be able to get something like this for my kids.  So after two trips with the big trailer and three constant days of work, my kids have a playground to call there own.

And it was worth it all when I was able to stand back and watch them play and hear their happy voices!


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  2. nice found! I saw this on the homestead revival.. I thought you had made it from bits and pieces. but I bet this was already a lot of work as is!

  3. Thanks, It was all assembled at it's previous owner's, we ended up taking it apart into seven pieces to move it. Three pieces were so heavy we had to use the truck to pull them out! But so worth it now!